hostfamily letter

Dear future host family,

First of all a big thank you that you take your time to read through my application and I cannot wait to get in touch with you.

My name is Katharina but you can also call me Katie or Kat. I will be 18 when I will arrive to the USA and I live in a little town near xxx which is one hour away from Munich in Germany. There I live together with my dad xxx, my mom xxx, my older sister xxx, my twin sister xxx and my younger (but taller) sister xxx. They all support me in everything I do and they are delighted that I have the opportunity to live in the USA for one year.
Currently I am attending senior year and will take my high school diploma exams in June 2016.

I have many experiences in caring for children.
My childcare giver “career” started with an internship in a day care center in 2013. I played with the children, read books to them, helped them to get dressed, ate with them, did handicrafts with them and played in the garden every day. It was an awesome time and I discovered my passion for children.
Besides the internships (I did three more in 2013, 2014 and 2015) I babysat/babysit in different families.
Until January 2015, when they moved to Mexico, I babysat for a family with four children. xxx was 6 years old, xxx 5 years old, xxx 3 years old and the little girl xxx was only 10 months old when I started caring for them. During their preparations for their move I helped them with the kids. Most of the times we went to a playground. There we tried every toy, played in the sand pit, swung (Ida loved it), climbed on trees and played games like hide and seek or even invented games ourselves like dragon catcher (I obviously was the dragon and they tried to catch me and fly with me). When the weather was too bad to go outside I usually took them to my house and there we played with cars, stuffed animals or LEGO Duplo. Sometimes I babysat them in the evening and had the responsibility to put them to bed. We had dinner together, played a little afterwards, then I changed the diaper of Ida and helped everybody to put on their pajama and brush their teeth and finally I put them to bed. I was very sad when they moved to Mexico but I hope I will be able to visit them someday.

Currently I am babysitting in three different families. One family has two girls aged three and six. The second family has three children – two boys aged three and five and a little girl born in October 2015 and the third family consists of two boys. They are three and nine months (born in June 2015). I mostly take care of them during day. When the weather is good we actually always go outside in the garden, to a playground or for a walk. There we play with toys, make up our own games or, in summer, play in the swimming pool. It is always so much fun because the kids have an incredible fantasy. If the weather is not too great we stay inside but that is also no problem because we have so much stuff to do. With the girls I love to have a dance party or draw pictures. With the boys I usually build houses, a railroad, do experiments, play with cars or a board game. In between we sometimes have a little snack like fruits, vegetables and nuts. I love taking care of all these kids and I am happy that I can be a little part of their life.

I want to be an au pair because, firstly, I adore children. I know every (future) au pair says that but I just cannot deny it. It is difficult to say why I like kids so much because there are so many little reasons. For example their unique personality – every child is different and perfect in its very special way. Also it is just great to see them growing up every single day. And I love their head. Yes, that sounds really weird but you can kiss him and his sweet cheeks, you can fondle him, you can tousle the hair – all great ways to show children how much you like them. I love their laughter, their creativity, their honesty, their imagination, their unconditional love and so many other things. – I know that working with children can be exhausting sometimes, too, and I am prepared to be confronted with problems. However, I think children are the biggest luck you can have and I want to have myself at least two in a few years. They make every day better. A smile of them or their desire to cuddle with you lets you realize that everything is worth it and makes up all the work you have with them.
Furthermore I want to get to know the American way of life and in my opinion there is no better way to do that than living in a host family. Besides that I want to improve my English skills as I plan to study International Management after my year and I want to explore the USA as it is such a diverse Country.

What do I expect from my host family? I don’t care about the place of residence of you or whether I will have a big room and an own bathroom, I only search for a family for whom I won’t be only the au pair but who really searches for a new family member and who is interested in other cultures. Furthermore I think a good relationship between the au pair and the host parents is based on respect for each other, honesty, attention, talking about problems, sympathy, confidence and support. Let’s say like a really good friendship. We do not need to be glued together every minute of the day and I hope we will find a good balance but I would truly appreciate a relationship based on trust.

I hope you got a little insight in my personality and my childcare experiences and I am really looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards from Germany