first time babysitting ♥

Hi guys :-))

I haven’t told you about my first time babysitting yet!
On Saturday at 15.30 I went to my babysitter family and the dad welcomed me and showed me some important things which they hadn’t showed me at our meeting before. The little girl was still asleep because she had a tough night the night before. Therefore I first watched a movie („Four Weddings and a Funeral“ if anyone is interested) and the dad went downstairs to do some sports and watch football (the mom wasn’t there). After half an hour the little princess finally woke up and I took her out of her bed. Unfortunately I didn’t know that she has a sensor mat from Angel Care to prevent sudden infant death syndrome. Of course, when I took her out of her bed, the mat couldn’t notice any movements anymore and it started to beep. It took some time until I figured out how to switch it off but with some cute help of the little girl I finally managed it. In the first 15 minutes she was still very sleepy and I think a bit confused because there was no familiar person when she woke up but after that she got very active and we played with building bricks, Lego Duplo and – I would call it – a sound machine. She is so sweet although it got a bit boring in some moments. I don’t know if I just see the things through a rose-coloured glasses when it comes to being an au pair but I always think that I will be able to go for a walk or to meet with other au pairs so I won’t get bored because I’d really love to have an au pair kid aged 0-2 years. Well, I still have time to decide what I want, right? 😉 After two hours everything was already over.
I really love this family so far! The two girls are so sweet – the dad told me that the older one I didn’t care for this time was very envious of her younger sister and stated that the next time she wanted to stay with me. Also the parents are so kind! They said I can eat and drink all that I want and the dad offered me several times something to drink.
I hope they will need me soon again or that another family messages me because I’d really love to have a regular babysitting job once or twice a week for several hours.

Lots of love,
Katharina ♥


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